How to Discover Your True Self – I am more than a physical body

I’m sure by now you’ve become aware of the phenomenon called ‘orbs’ which generally manifest as little balls of bluish colored light that are sometimes found bouncing around haunted locations. Although they are usually invisible to the naked eye, for some reason they become visible when viewed through the lens of a digital camera.

Recently it occurred to me that maybe, just maybe that’s what we really are. That’s what our conscious awareness actually looks like without a body; insubstantial little orbs of pulsating light. And the more I think about it, the more sense it makes to me. After all, I don’t really identify with the physical form that I inhabit – I’m way past that. Although I may be fond of it, and clearly quite attached to it — and very involved in its idiosyncratic perspectives and behaviors, but somewhere inside of me – I know that’s not ‘me’. I’ve always known I was some form of energy, but I couldn’t really nail that down visually – until I started thinking about orbs. Then I started to play around with the idea.

The more I thought about my True Orb Self (TOS), the more I started to realize that everything that I take for granted as ‘me’ isn’t really me at all. I’m not the hand or the fingers typing out this article, I’m not the hair I’ve so carefully arranged around my head. I’m not the toe that’s tapping to the music playing in the background – but I am the pinpoint awareness that enjoys the music. And I am the one who is animating the toe that’s tapping out the rhythm. After all, if ‘I’ weren’t in here – that toe clearly would not be tapping.

Then I started contemplating the smallness of an orb. Could the real me really be that insubstantial? But then again, when I die – when I slough off this ‘meat sack’, do I really need arms and legs? Teeth or a tongue? Hair? Walking around as a ‘full apparition’ just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me if you have no use for all of those organic parts. I realized then that anything you scrutinize closely enough, say microscopically, reveals worlds within worlds – such as a drop of water, or a molecule of most anything. Therefore, it makes sense – size doesn’t matter. At that point, I became completely convinced of my true orb self and I have started exploring the concept more or less constantly. I find it very helpful. One thing that’s particularly significant is that it is so much easier to be less involved with the noisy patterns of my mind – previously known as The Ego.

This is my experience: Once you realize that you’re just a little orb disguised as a human being, you begin to realize that all of that mental clatter that keeps pulling your attention away is just so much emotional soup. Here you are a twinkly little blue orb, just trying to make it through another lifetime when some ‘event’ happens that stirs up the body’s emotional response system, and that leads to a litany of brain thoughts and ideas about the emotional situation – and all of that ‘stuffness’ starts swirling around your orb awareness until it’s just so much mixed up soup. Even with a greater perception of yourself, if you’re not careful it can become very difficult to identify where your TOS stops and the soup begins. That’s when I start doing the backstroke, hoping the depth of the stuff will eventually ease off so I can go back to being a happy orb in a human body again.

The miraculous thing is, that once my perceptions changed from ‘I am a body’ to ‘I am an orb of energy’ my ability to navigate away from the noisy distraction of the body and all of the tired old programs that filter through it – has become so much easier. You should try it!


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  1. lisa says:

    At times when sleeping I leave my flesh behind and I am that ball of energy. I am fully aware of what is going on. Knowing at this time I can not move things I have no arms but, can I with my mind? I will whisper in my boyfreinds ear to see if I am heard. I have not been able to move things yet if even possible,as of being heard my presence was felt!

    1. Dhyana says:

      Have you read anything by Robert Monroe such as Journey’s Out of Body? Or Robert Bruce’s Astral Dynamics? These guys have a lot to offer as far a insight into the kind of experiences you describe.

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