Magnesium – the wonder supplement

Finding ‘normal’ with Magnesium Supplements

Something we women like to deny until the telltale signs can no longer be ignored is, aging. And, I’m not talking about the Menopause mefiner aspects of aging like those annoying early wrinkles at the corners of your eyes, and the sudden obvious need to investigate hair color products and learn how to use them. I’m talking about full blown oh-my-gawd! what have I done with my life and why am I hanging around these horrible people all of time white knuckle wake-up moments. If you’re near or just past the five-oh mark, you undoubtedly know what I’m talking about. And if that means nothing to you – you’re just not there yet so, please skip to the next article and come back in a decade or two.

It’s about this time in our wise woman years that myriad topsy turvy physiological shifts and disconcerting physical changes being to happen. Things we have no control over that – if left unchecked – lead to epic moments of rumbling rage over what at the time seems like horrible breaches in respect on behalf of say, the spouse (when in reality, it’s nothing more than what’s been going on around you for years now, but all of a sudden – wham! It hits you in the face like a cow pie flying off a cattle truck as you cruise down the highway of life with the top down in your shiny little sports car. You know what I’m talking about.). But wait, it’s only hormones. No doubt. And if this sounds even remotely similar to what you’re going through, then you may just be interested to learn about a couple of supplements that I have discovered – which might make your life easier, certainly more peaceful.

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