Past Lives Resolved

For more than two decades I have had spontaneous past life recall. Now, no matter how you might feel about that phenomenon – it simply isn’t something you can understand without experiencing first hand. And, if you haven’t experienced it, you’re probably skeptical about the possibility. But no matter how you feel about past lives, reincarnation or even history — the stories I’m about to relay are real and true to the fullest extent that I can recall.

My ability to tap into this information stems directly from a moment when I asked to know more about a certain relationship I found myself in – no holds barred. I simply wanted to understand what brought me to this place, to an interaction with this person. And I wanted to have greater understanding of what lesson I was supposed to take away from this experience.

My desire to understand was profound and heartfelt. And, apparently the cosmos was paying attention as I instantly found myself viewing what can only be described as a Cecil B. DeMille version of a lifetime so fantastic I couldn’t have made it up, had I tried. In panoramic, 3D, living color full of sound and emotion … the story unfolded in only a few seconds, although it depicted a lifetime of many years. After that experience which answered my questions of the moment completely, I have been able to tap into the stream of past lives at will – as long as my desire to know is to gain understanding – there is no delay in retrieving the information.

Below is a sampling of stories I’ve collecting. I am blogging new ones regularly, so be sure to check back for updates, or sign-up to follow my blog.


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  1. Paul says:

    Moving reading about your past experiences. Do recall some happy experiences please. You will find many if you search. Life is so full of grace and love.

    1. Dhyana says:

      Thanks for checking out my blog stories, Paul. And, yes — there are no doubt happy experiences to report but I believe it is the nature of genuine past life recalls to reveal situations that require present time healing and release. As you read my stories you’ll realize that most recalls spring directly from a desire to understand complexities of a current relationship, and one must remember that all lifetimes end in death – no one escapes alive.

      It’s interesting to me to realize that the impulse that keeps us involved in the ‘wheel of reincarnation’ more often than not has to do with strong emotions related to any particular lifetime situation — and the fact is, most of those strong emotions aren’t necessarily happy or joyful. The reason for this is that what you might call happiness or more accurately ‘joy’ — is a transcendental emotion which generally does not create lingering needs to repeat a situation or relationship. Therefore, I believe past life recalls serve their highest purpose in helping to bring profound understanding, which in and of itself, leads to release and the need to repeat lifetime scenarios is lessened or eliminated – depending on how willing one is to face the present time situation or relationship with the intent to forgive (oneself or another).

      And even though these past life recalls might sound tragic, there are a couple of these stories that have led to wonderful current-time relationships. In particular – the story relating to the Irish lifetime where the farmer was left in grief at the drowning of the girl he hoped to marry, actually led to a present day relationship that was filled with unconditional love and support. Similarly is the story about the young man who died in a ship in 1163 but managed to save the life of his shipmate. That relationship has led to a current relationship that has provided me with unconditional acceptance – and support, and one on which I rely on to keep me going. Understanding the roots of these relationships has given me a perspective of gratitude, which will most likely lead to releasing the need to repeat these earthly relationships in future lifetimes – for all parties involved, creating only happy endings.

  2. Shari says:

    You are amazing. Thank you for sharing. I will start “I Love You” to myself and everyone today.
    I Love You!

    1. Dhyana says:

      Thank you so much Shari! You totally made my day. It’s nice to know someone is actually reading these blogs! It’s fun to do and it gives me a way to record some of the mystical, magical stuff that floats through my brain. I Love You!

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